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Our expertise


Technical learning opportunities in safe conditions


OLEUM’s trainers are specialists with many years of experience in refinery operation, maintenance, inspection and safety. All trainers have been certified by the professional development and training consultancy, Cegos.



OLEUM offers:


  • An opportunity to trainees to put into practice theoretical lessons on life-size units (static equipment, rotating machines, thermal equipment, processing techniques on numerical system, units, high-voltage electrical post office with simulator of defects, instrumentation workshop, simulator process control, etc) through the implementation on former units of refinement, in complete safety. It includes also operating procedures, routine controls, first-level maintenance, diagnoses of breakdown and repair, of managing and launching alarms, emergency shutdown, isolation, etc.


  • A training center open to all: OLEUM receives trainees from both national and international industries


  • A training 2.0: The OLEUM team works on digitalization of training and can develop numerical tools to deliver trainings more easily. The aim is to make it accessible to the greatest possible number of trainees thanks to distance learning, rapid' learning, mobile learning, short video tutorials,new generation techniques working through the cloud, virtual classes, or even one to one virtual coaching.