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Technical platform


Teaching units dedicated to the skill improvement of your teams

The following specialized courses can be taught by OLEUM’s trainers or partners using onsite facilities:


  • Operator training courses
  • Process measurement and control
  • Electrical equipment
  • Rotating equipment
  • Static equipment
  • Piping
  • Inspection
  • Corrosion, metallurgy
  • Water treatment
  • Safety operations
  • Risk analysis
  • Simulator


Let’s discover the technical platform

That multiplicity of training environments makes OLEUM’s offer unique in Europe.


It is possible to train on many subjects:


Storage workshop

A storage tank has been designed to allow practical training course around and inside it.


The roof is supported with legs and it is possible to enter inside through a window in the wall. All equipments constituting a floating roof tank are visible from inside the tank.


Access to the roof makes it possible to observe the safety elements and the boxes allowing the buoyancy of the roof.


Mechanical workshop

Areas have been set aside the training center to show trainees internal parts of several types of rotating equipment.


Some of the equipment is cross-cut to display the internal parts in their original position.


Trainees can use the workshop to conduct experiments, disassemble and reassemble equipment, do measurement checks and so on.


Maintenance area

The following training activities can be held in maintenance areas:


  • Scaffolding
  • Piping or equipment insulation
  • Rotating equipment maintenance
  • Heat exchanger maintenance
  • Fired heater maintenance
  • Column maintenance
  • High-pressure cleaning
  • Valve maintenance (motorized operated and other valves)
  • Handling and lifting operations

Main Control Room

Thanks to a dedicated control room, the following competencies can be developed on our both training center:


  • Shift work : relationship between shift operator and shift supervisor
  • Navigation of process graphics
  • Link between measurements on the unit, technical room and main control room
  • Switch controllers from manual to automatic, cascade and advanced control
  • Operations & maintenance interface
  • Monitoring process parameters and / or alarms.

Electrical substation 

The substation laboratory houses low-voltage switchboards, high-voltage switchboards, transformers and a simulator. It gives trainees the opportunity to :


  • Learn how to deal with electrical hazards & safely
  • Operate safely on switchboards
  • Perform troubleshooting exercises
  • Manage an electrical grid
  • Perform maintenance on transformers

All the activities inside the electrical substation are performed with dedicated personal protective equipments.

They are performed safely as substation is only powered with 48V.


Instrumentation laboratory

The instrumentation laboratory is equipped with several workshops:


  • Hazardous Area Classification : Maintenance area to check & search for anomalies.
  • Workshop to perform cabling tasks per recommendations.
  • Motor operated valve: How it works, positioner calibration
  • Wiring benches: Practice the instrumentation standard for wiring between field instruments, junction box, marshalling cabinet and Technical Room
  • Skids: to perform pressure, flow and level regulation exercises. All the skids are equipped as per industrial practice  and can be used in different modes.
  • Trainees can visit the operated technical room to see the marshalling cabinet, vibration system rack, program logic cabinet, DCS, HMI cabinet and other equipments.

Analysis Laboratory 

An analysis laboratory is available near OLEUM training centre.


Tests on different oil grades are possible as well as on different chemical products. The analyses on industrial wastes are carried out at the laboratory.


Each trainee can perform tests, calibration tests and test cards.


Virtual Training Experience

Thanks to augmented reality, Electronic devices (similar to those used by operator on industrial sites) can be used on teaching unit to check operating figures or to create maintenance request. 



A simulator is available in an IT room. Up to four trainees can work on training sessions at the same time.


The simulator can be used both to introduce trainees to unit operation as to improve their skills.


It can be set for normal operation or switched to troubleshooting mode. 


Safety activities

A training ground has been developped for firefighting exercises.

Activities covered include : 

  • BLEVE simulation
  • Breathing apparatus certification
  • Liquid or gaseous hydrocarbon fire exercises
  • LNG fire exercises


Our facility can also accommodate other activities such as : 


  • Confined space work training (column, reactor)
  • Confined space rescue training
  • Installation of mobile safety equipment, such as water shield or lance

BOSIET platform

At the end of 2017, OLEUM will inaugurate  its center dedicated to the deliverance of Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Trainings, under the quality-label OPITO


Aeolian platform

At the end of 2017, OLEUM will have a pedagogic wind turbine for HSE training on these equipments.


It is a re-conditioned wind turbine with the gondola of origin installed on the mast.

Thus, with expert training officers and pedagogic units with real size, OLEUM gives individual programs of technical trainings allowing the acquisition, assertion and the development of technical competences but also the adequate behaviour and give the opportunityto augment the know-how of the professionals of industry.